2012 Election issue of THE FORUM is out

The latest issue of The Forum is out. It has a number of interesting articles on the 2012 elections. Many readers will have access to the entire issue–because their library subscribes. Yet even if you don’t have full access, Morris Fiorina has a terrific ungated piece that details how he would run a seminar for political journalists.  Two of the essays (one by James Campbell, the other by James Ceaser and Verlan Lewis) look at structural explanations for the outcome in the presidential race. Two others (one by Costas Panagopoulos, the other by William Mayer) explore the strategic choices that influenced Obama’s victory. Other essays examine contextual factors, such as the role of advertising, interest groups, and campaign spending. In sum, lots to chew on. Hats off to Ray La Raja and Byron Shafer for bringing us such timely commentary.

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